M2K order status overview

Shipping estimates for your M2K

    • Last order number that was shipped out: 2631.
    • We will ship out one small batch of ten or so M2Ks on 3. April. Those will be shipped with our new and much quicker shipping provider, so they should arrive in the first week of April. Once this test has been successful we will ship out 60 more M2Ks (meaning that we will start chewing into the 27xx order numbers) one week later. Sorry for the hiccup guys, switching the shipping provider did not go as smoothly as anticipated, but the quicker shipping times should make up for that. :)
    • Orders from September: We cant make ship out September orders in March as promised. Sorry. Will be April instead.

    Sorry for the wait :/

    We understand that you likely are frustrated having to wait that long for your M2K and we are sorry for that. Keep in mind that the M2K is largely made by hand and that making carbon fiber parts is very complex (see our Blog article on this for some pictures and videos of how making a carbon fiber shell for a Zaunkoenig looks like).

    This is not the first time we had to deal with a large order backlog. It happened for our Kickstarter in 2019/2020 and it happened for the launch of the M2K in 2021. In both cases it took us longer than originally anticipated, but we chewed through all the orders. By now we know the drill. Rest assured that we will chew through the orders once more.

    Join our Discord if you havent already. Waiting together is easier than waiting alone.

    Last but not least: the wait will be worth it. One of the most common bits of feedback we get from new M2K owners is that they cannot go back to their old mouse. Compared to the M2K everything else feels like a brick.

    Thank you. :)