M2K order status overview

Shipping estimates for your M2K

  • Next batch will be shipped out on 30 November. (Update: Shipped out on 30 November; last order number that was shipped out 2454)
  • Next batch will include all orders up to 17 July (highest order number: 2481); batch will be shipped out 10 December (Saturday).
  • Remaining orders from July: It will very likely take us all of December to ship out all remaining July orders.
  • Orders from August: Est. shipping: January 2023
  • Orders from September:¬†Est. shipping: February 2023

Why does it take so long to make an M2K?

The current waiting time for an M2K is very high, due to a combination of three factors: a) there simply have been very many orders since the beginning of June, b) this sudden increase in order volume was unexpected, c) this increase in order volume has hit us during a time of severe production issues (specifically: sandblasting the carbon fiber shells of the M2K).

A few more details about the sandblasting: previously sandblasting was done by a supplier, but that supplier has been hit hard by Covid and ran into issues with his sandblasting chamber at the same time. Add to that that sandblasting carbon fiber parts is way more delicate than sandblasting metal parts and you have a recipe for disaster.

That is why we decided to take the sandblasting in-house, at least until that supplier has gotten back into shape. Ironically we ran into issues with our own sandblasting chamber, but these issues are solved for now (sandblasting with a broken gun sucks, lol).

Doing the sandblasting ourselves is great for quality but it comes at a price: it costs us time and thus lowers our maximum output of M2Ks per week.

This picture shows a sandblasted carbon fiber shell of the Zaunkoenig M2K.

Shipping is on top

Keep in mind that shipping itself is going to add extra time on top. We ship from Germany, so if you ordered from Germany you are looking at 4 additional days. If you ordered from within the EU expect a week or two (the closer you are based to Germany, the quicker shipping within the EU will be), and if you ordered from outside the EU, like the US for example, expect two to three weeks.

Once your M2K has been shipped you will get an email with a tracking link inside.

Sorry for the wait :/

We understand that you likely are frustrated having to wait that long for your M2K and we are sorry for that. Keep in mind that the M2K is largely made by hand and that making carbon fiber parts is very complex (see our Blog article on this for some pictures and videos of how making a carbon fiber shell for a Zaunkoenig looks like).

This is not the first time we had to deal with a large order backlog. It happened for our Kickstarter in 2019/2020 and it happened for the launch of the M2K in 2021. In both cases it took us a few weeks longer than originally anticipated, but we chewed through all the orders. By now we know the drill. Rest assured that we will chew through the orders once more.

Join our Discord if you havent already. Waiting together is easier than waiting alone.

Last but not least: the wait will be worth it. One of the most common bits of feedback we get from new M2K owners is that they cannot go back to their old mouse. Compared to the M2K everything else feels like a brick.

Thank you. :)