Our gaming mice

So far Zaunkoenig has released two gaming mice. The seminal Zaunkoenig M1K back in 2019 as well as its successor, the Zaunkoenig M2K, in March of 2021.

The M1K (23 grams) and M2K (24 grams) are the worlds lightest gaming mice. Compared to the M1K and M2K every other gaming mouse literally is a brick.

While the M1K is sold out for good, the M2K is available in our webshop.

Zaunkoenig M2K

This picture shows the top of the Zaunkoenig M2K. While the Zaunkoenig M1K had no wheel, the Zaunkoenig M2K has one (the lightest wheel in any gaming mouse, by the way).

The M1K famously had no wheel. For the M2K we added a wheel but managed to keep the weight at an extremely low 24 grams (just 1 gram more than the legendary M1K). The wheel of the M2K is the lightest in any gaming mouse by the way, weighing in at just 0.9 grams. It is coated with a ceramic layer, for superior grip and robustness.

The other big news about the M2K is that it now has driverless 8,000 Hertz. Meaning: you do not have to modify your Windows driver if you want to use the M2K at 8,000 Hertz.

The M2K also has a new carbon fiber shell construction, a completely new printed circuit board (PCB) as well as new mouse feet.

Sold out: Zaunkoenig M1K

The Zaunkoenig M1K is the lightest gaming mouse in the world: it weighs just 23 grams. It is also the first carbon fiber gaming mouse and the first dedicated Fingertip Grip gaming mouse.

Released back in 2019 the amount of firsts the the Zaunkoenig M1K claimed for itself was impressive.

The M1K was the first dedicated Fingertip Grip gaming mouse. It was the first carbon fiber gaming mouse. It was the first gaming mouse that weighed less than 40 grams (quite the understatement, considering the M1K weighed in at just 23 grams). It was the first gaming mouse that used zero lag debouncing (a way to prevent accidental double clicks without adding any latency). It was the first gaming mouse designed to be overclockable to 8,000 Hertz (second, if you count the WMO). And it was the first gaming mouse made in Germany (and by that we mean not just assembled in Germany; we mean actually made in Germany).

We sold the last M1K in February of 2021. The highest serial number that we shipped out was 516. The Zaunkoenig M1K is sold out for good: we will not be making more. If you are a collector looking to add the M1K to your collection eBay is your only chance.

Should you be curious as to what made the M1K so revolutionary:

Check it out here.