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Zaunkoenig M2K at a glance:

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With just 24 grams the Zaunkoenig M2K is the lightest gaming mouse in production. And it is not even close. Other features of the M2K are a ceramic coated wheel as well as driverless 8,000 Hertz.

A first principle design

While all other gaming mice out there look like they have come off the exact same manufacturing line, we have taken a first principle approach for the design of the M2K. Ask yourself: what are the most precise tools humans have? Not your palm, not your arm, but your fingers. More precisely: your fingertips.

That is why the Zaunkoenig M2K looks so different from any other gaming mouse. The design of the M2K serves one singular purpose: to enable you, the gamer, to aim with pinpoint accuracy.

When other companies tell you their mouse is usable with Claw Grip, Palm Grip and Fingertip Grip at the same time, just know they are trying to sell you a toaster that can brew coffee, cook the perfect steak and grow herbs at the same time. That’s not how it fucking works.

More on that topic in our Blog article: Ergonomic Fingertip Grip gaming mouse design

This picture shows the side of the Zaunkoenig M2K.

The Zaunkoenig M2K is the fastest gun in the West

Precision comes through aiming with your fingers and your fingertips. But how can a gaming mouse enable you to be the quickest draw in the West?

There is only one way to be faster than your own shadow: Reduce the weight of your gaming mouse. The lower, the better.

That’s why we have designed the M2K to be as light as possible. The mouse wheel weighs less than a single gram. The M2K is unfathomably lightweight at 24 grams, which is less than an ounce.

More on that topic in our Blog article: Optimal weight of a gaming mouse

This picture shows the bottom of the Zaunkoenig M2K.

Carbon fiber: the material for rockets, hypercars and your next gaming mouse

Conventional gaming mouse companies desperately try to be lightweight by drilling holes in their mice, often to the detriment of your ability to properly grip the mouse.

That is not the Zaunkoenig way of going about things, and thus we have spent years of development to create a carbon fiber shell that is extremely lightweight and stiff at the same time. Carbon fiber is the material that Elon Musk uses to shoot rockets to space. We like shooting things too. (Elon, if you are reading this, we want a Zaunkoenig M2K to go to Mars, contact

We took care of the little things too: PTFE feet that are located perfectly in the corners and that don’t cover screws. (Other gaming mouse companies don’t want you to open up their mice and thus put mouse feet over screws.)

This picture shows the PCB of the Zaunkoenig M2K.

Made in Germany

The carbon fiber unibody, the printed circuit board (PCB), the cable as well as the final assembly are all made in Germany. Every M2K goes through our hands and only gets shipped when we deem it perfect.

Driverless 8,000 Hertz

The Zaunkoenig M1K was famous for having the lowest latencies of any gaming mouse. With the M2K we took it one step further and gave the M2K driverless 8,000 Hertz. Meaning: if you want to use 8,000 Hertz on the M2K you do not have to install software or drivers.

In order to being able to use 8,000 Hertz we had to use what probably is the world’s most overkill gaming mouse MCU:

This picture shows the MCU of the Zaunkoenig M2K.

The ARM MCU inside the M2K is a 216 MHz beast from STMicroelectronics. This MCU is so overkill, that the company we bought the MCUs from wanted to know what we were going to use it for, before shipping it to us. Apparently this MCU is so powerful, that you could build military drones with it.


What pros and reviewers say about Zaunkoenig mice

BardOZ (professional Valorant player and holder of several world records in Kovaaks):

«The mouse is CRAZY GOOD. I still can’t believe it. Took me a bit to get used to Fingertip Grip but now I am really enjoying it.»

From GuilteFPS, former professional Overwatch player for Toronto Esports:

«I knew the mouse would feel light, but nothing could have prepared me for this. It honestly feels like I’ve been playing with a delay my whole life.»

From Artosis, legendary StarCraft caster:

«This mouse is unfathomably light. I cannot even express to you how light this mouse is.»

From Menismyforte, Youtube mouse reviewer:

«Everything is just so awesome I can’t describe how much I like it, it’s such a weird experience. It seems like a simple concept but the execution is just incredible.»

From boardzy, Youtube mouse reviewer:

«I was able to move this mouse around so quickly, compared to any other mouse, solely because of the weight. It’s kind of fucking nuts. I wish I could explain how light it feels.»

The complete M2K specifications

This picture shows the dimensions of the Zaunkoenig M2K.


The difference between a 24 gram mouse and a normal 60 gram mouse is huge. So huge in fact, that we are convinced that once you have used a 24 gram mouse, going back to 60 gram will be painful.

We are so sure of that, that we offer a 30 day return period: should you buy the M2K and not feel the difference to your normal gaming mouse within those 30 days, you can return the M2K and will get back those 299 Euro. No questions asked.

Product warranty

The M2K is very durable: the carbon fiber shell is super-tough. The cable is protected by Kevlar strands. The PCB is soldered in a Germany factory with German precision equipment. The switches in the M2K are made in Japan and have thick gold alloy contacts protecting them from oxidation.

We are thus very confident in giving a warranty of two years. We think this is a conservative value: the M2K likely will live much longer.


Shipping is free. We ship to many countries all around the world, including the US, Canada, Russia, Japan or South Korea. Every M2K parcel comes with a tracking number and is insured.

Boring legal stuff

WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: 68997301

This picture shows the front of the Zaunkoenig M2K.