You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

The above meme is what a Reddit user posted as a reaction to the first public picture of a Zaunkoenig M1K prototype in the wild. I think it sums up the M1K pretty well.

Peak performance in a mouse means low weight

We got a lot of emails and feedback regarding the M1K. Some of it was along the following lines:

«Great mouse, you should add side buttons though.»

«Looks awesome, but I really need a wheel.»

We could of course try to please everyone. Add a side button here or a wheel there. And while we are at it, why not add some LEDs? The only problem being: then it would not be peak performance any more.

We strongly believe that peak performance in a mouse is as little weight as possible. And each feature that you add slightly increases utility for some, but decreases performance for everyone. So when you do add a feature that feature needs to offer a significant benefit. Else it is just not worth the increase in weight. We do think that the left button and the right button do offer a significant benefit and are worth their weight increase. But after the first two mouse buttons things become not so clear.

So to everyone that absolutely cannot live without side buttons or a wheel: the M1K is not for you. And it is so by design: we did not set out to make a mouse that is okay for many, but to make a mouse that is the best for a small group of people.

By the way, the first reaction someone has when he lifts off the M1K is always the same: «Damn that is light.»

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