We sent an M1K to the most remote island in the world

The first time I glanced through the printed out Kickstarter shipping labels and came across «Åland Islands» as well as «Bouvet Island» I thought to myself: «Awesome, even people on islands want the M1K.»

After looking through the shipping labels some more I grew suspicious when «Åland Islands» appeared for the second time. I googled the Åland Islands and apparently they consist of 6,700 islands with almost 30,000 people living on them. So I figured probably two friends from these islands had joined forces and backed us. I thought to myself: «Awesome, there must be whole clans on islands that want the M1K.»

While I was at it I quickly googled «Bouvet Island» as well and saw it belonged to Norway. I figured it probably was something similar to the Åland Islands and did not bother looking into it more.

A week later I again looked through the shipping labels and after the third label with Bouvet Island on it I googled the island again. This time I read the Wikipedia article. And I quickly realized that Bouvet Island was no normal island. In fact it is «the most remote island in the world». The closest neighbour is Antarctica and even that is 1,700 kilometers away. There is only one easy place to land and the climate is so harsh that non-animal life is limited to fungi, mosses and liverworts. With 93 percent of Bouvet Island covered by a glacier, and an ice-filled crater of an inactive volcano in the middle of it all, the island has a faint resemblance to the Hyperglide mouse feet on the M1K:

Bouvet Island looks a bit like the Hyperglide mouse feet on the Zaunkoenig M1K.

For reasons unknown Bouvet Island has its own top level domain (.bv, in case you are wondering). And when you cannot shake the feeling you have seen this island before: no, you are not crazy. Bouvet Island was where the action in Alien vs. Predator took place.

After looking into it we found out that the software we used for printing out the shipping labels, due to some bizarre error, replaced every occurence of Norway with «Bouvet Island» as well as every occurence of Finland with «Åland Islands». The packages we sent towards the Åland Islands were returned to us because the customs declarations were missing. Apparently you do not need to fill out customs declarations when shipping from Germany towards Finland, but you do need to do so when shipping from Germany towards the Åland Islands. Even if you are not really shipping to the Åland Islands, due to the aforementioned bizarre error.

Luckily the M1K we sent towards Bouvet Island arrived. In Norway.

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