Complete connectedness

We strongly believe that it should be the goal of every gaming mouse to vanish when playing a game. What we mean by that is the following: when you are using a gaming mouse it should not feel like you are using a tool with your hand. It should instead feel like your gaming mouse is your hand. Only when you do not feel like you are using a tool can you achieve complete connectedness with your game of choice.

And only when you achieve complete connectedness will you be able to fully focus on your game of choice.

Achieving this goal was so paramount for us, that the design choices made to achieve it reverberate throughout the Zaunkoenig M2K. The following is a summary of this.

How to make a gaming mouse disappear

Without any doubt low weight is the single most important factor to get your gaming mouse to disappear. The reason for this is simple: moving objects have something called inertia. In the context of a gaming mouse this means that every time you want to stop your gaming mouse, to take a shot for example, your gaming mouse will resist you. And the heavier it is, the more it will resist you. And the more it resists, the more you will be aware of having an object between your fingers. Thus, the lowest possible weight is paramount. With just 24 grams the M2K weighs less than a third of most gaming mice. Mission accomplished.

Next up is shape. We designed the M2K to be only usable with pure Fingertip Grip. You cannot claw the M2K, unless your hands are really tiny. No other grip utilizes the dexterity of your fingers as much as Fingertip Grip. And no other body part is as close to your gaming mouse as are your fingers.

Third, we reduced input lag where we could. Just as the optimal weight of a gaming mouse is zero grams, the optimal input lag of a gaming mouse is zero seconds. Regardless of whether you move the M2K or click a button: we made sure that that information goes to your PC as quickly as possible. To achieve that we use zero lag switch debouncing for our switches and 8,000 hertz polling rate, among other things. For more information on how we reduced latency in the M2K read our blog article about the firmware of the M2K.

Despite low weight being of paramount importance, the structural integrity of the shell cannot be compromised. The shell has to have a certain degree of stiffness to it, to prevent it from deforming under pressure. Not only would it be distracting if the sides of your gaming mouse flex upon gripping: a mouse shell that is not stiff enough will change direction more sluggishly. Try remembering the last time you held a stick and whipped it through the air: if that stick was very thin it probably changed directions really slowly, because it was so busy bending like a madman instead.

Finally we took care of the little things: the M2K is using mouse feet that do not scratch on your mousepad, because that would be distracting. The cable of the M2K is neither so limp that it gets in the way nor is it so stiff and heavy that you feel it. The clicks of the M2K are neither so light that you accidentally trigger them, nor so stiff that they are cumbersome to click. The surface texture of the carbon fiber shell is neither too sticky nor too slick. We eliminated side buttons; not only to reduce weight, but also to remove the chances of accidentally triggering them in the heat of the moment.

Taking the M2K on a date

Two gaming mouse reviewers named SpiLLi and KraftyCraft recently picked up on this feeling of connectedness. I cannot think of a better way to end this article than to just quote them, so here we go.

SpiLLi reviewed the M2K in July of 2021 and describes the relationship with his M2K in an almost romantic way:

«This is the most connected I have ever felt to a mouse … [I am not talking about] trying to take it on a date, but it means whenever I actually use the mouse it feels like a legitimate extension of my hand. I have never really had that experience with any other mouse, even the super light ones like the HSK or Starlight-12 [which feel] good and […] very quick and very lightweight, but [they do not feel] like there is nothing there. And I really get that feeling with this mouse.»

KraftyCraft reviewed the M2K in September of 2021; here is how he describes his experience:

«My biggest takeaway from using this mouse in-game is this feeling of complete connectedness. I know this sounds so corny, but it feels like I am not using a mouse at all … Aiming is just using my hand. This allows me to completely focus on the actual game that I am playing. I can zero in on what I actually need to do to frag out, instead of focussing on using a tool. It just puts me into another level, I love this in-game. It feels so intuitive, it feels so sharp, all my movements are so precise, I can just focus completely on the game that I am playing, which is something I have not found with any other mouse. It just feels so effortless

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